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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Lakers Radio Guy Vigorously Applies Makeup Without Knowing He's On Camera, Realizes It Soon Enough

John Ireland, who doubles as a TV sportscaster, thinks out loud: (sigh) Damnit. I just HATE the way this cold weather dries out my skin. My forehead, especially. I mean, pretty much everything below the eyes is OK, but all it takes is even a few hours in one of these northern hellholes to make my forehead look like one of those dried-up rivers in a drought. It's just the WORST. Geez! Where ARE we, anyway? Toronto? I can't keep track whenever we go on one of these extended road trips. Thank GOD we're finally heading home soon. And, good grief, I just can't get this ... (grunt) OK, there it is. Finally. (sigh) All right. Wait. We've been on camera the whole time? Shit. Really? How long has that thing been rolling? Did anybody see that? Nobody saw that, nobody saw that, nobody saw that. PLEASE fucking tell me nobody saw that... [via]


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