Lance Armstrong Dropped Out Of A Beer Mile

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With the Beer Mile World Championships rapidly approaching on December 3, interest in the event is peaking. Lance Armstrong, who probably doesn't have a lot to do these days, decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, one of the world's greatest athletes can't drink and run for shit.

Armstrong attempted the four-lap, four-beer event on Sunday, November 9, in Austin. Via the Texas Running Post, Armstrong only got one Budweiser down and one lap around before dropping out.

"There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, 'Enough is enough,'" Armstrong wrote in 2013, and likely said to himself last Sunday. "For me, that time is now."


Beer miles, while adhering to a strict set of rules, are not subject to WADA decrees, so Armstrong could still technically race on Dec. 3. So far, none of the announced athletes have spoke out against the former seven-time Tour de France winner competing. And honestly, who dopes for a beer mile?

"He's a competitor," one athlete from Armstrong's failed race said. "I hope to see him out there again."