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Lane Kiffin Wears Out His Welcome With Paul Finebaum

Lane Kiffin has only been on the job about three months, but columnist Paul Finebaum has seen enough. He thinks Tennessee should cut its losses and fire Kiffin immediately, before he destroys America.

Finebaum—who works in Alabama, but graduated from Tennessee—says Kiffin is a "nightmare" and a "buffoon" who has disgraced Tennessee football and turned the program into a "national punchline." (I think the 4-7 record last year might have helped that a bit.) Kiffin has insulted everyone living south of the Mason-Dixon line, spent half of the state's budget for this year on assistant coaches, embarrassed Pat Summitt, and he looks horrible in orange. So is it time to cut and run?


Sure, getting rid of Kiffin now would be unprecedented and expensive. However, I'm sure even Tennessee fans with a working brain would admit his career is DOA. Besides, Alabama dumped Mike Price in 2003 before he ever coached a game. But Price's much-publicized encounter in Pensacola now seems tame compared to what "Lame" has done.

Um ... I'm not sure banging strippers is quite on par with a little public trash talking, but I see where you're going with this, and would like to make a counter-offer. I agree with everything you say, Paul, except that whereas you find his actions disgraceful and abhorrent, the rest of the country finds them endlessly entertaining and fun. Seriously, I might cry if he ever goes away.

However, I would like to buy a "Lame" Kiffin t-shirt if you have one.

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