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Last Chance For Blatant Mitchell Report Guessing ... But There's No Guessing On Clemens

We're not sure if this says more about the significance of today, or simply a statement about us, but just about every email we've gotten today has included the words "Happy Mitchell Report Day." Hype is fun. Particularly now that Roger Clemens is attending the party.

We're about three-and-a-half hours away from the release of the Mitchell Report — or as we prefer to call it, "Whose Career Can We Ruin, And By "Ruin" We Mean, "Hurt The Reputation Of While Still Paying Him Millions" — and there's not much time left for guessing games. Because the Internet was invented for unfettered and unsubstantiated speculation, we encourage you to make your last-second guesses now. Then you can take a bunch of credit in three hours if you're right.


We repeat: The only real purpose of this report is for everyone to scream "Gotcha!" for the poor souls unable to avoid its pages. So we might as well all play along.

As you know by now, "Mike and Mike" reported this morning that Brian McNamee, personal trainer for Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte, told Mitchell report investigators he gave Clemens steroids prior to joining the team and while he was a Yankee. So you'll see him. Maybe. Here we go.

We'll be live-blogging Mitchell's press conference today at 2 p.m., so, you know, in case you don't have a TV.

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