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Last Chance To Join Pants Party Tourney Pool

We are just more than than hour away from the beginning of this tourney business, so, you know, if you want to join the Deadspin Pants Party Pool, this is your absolute last chance. Remember: If someone gets every game right, they get to take over Deadspin. So much more valuable than that $11 million prize other sites are offering.

We've said this already, but we feel obliged to point out our Final Four picks, once again: North Carolina in the East, Texas in the South, Wisconsin in the Midwest and Duke in the West. That is officially the first time we haven't had at least two No. 1 seeds in our Final Four. So, you know, we're screwed. We did a radio interview the other day in which we compared our picks with a four-year-old. The kid picked Butler because "she likes butts." It is impossible to argue with that logic.


But yes: Get in the pool. Last chance, people.

Deadspin Pants Party Pool [ESPN Fantasy Games]

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