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Last Night's Winner: Bruce Boudreau Makes Rex Ryan Look Like Mr. Rogers

Don't say you weren't warned. HBO's 24/7 Penguins/Capitals premiered last night, and we were promised profanity. Either we got it, or they accidentally put Deadwood back on the air.

The Capitals have been playing like crap recently, so of course they were going to be the more fascinating team to follow. But heading to the locker room after two periods, down 1-0 to the woeful Florida Panthers, Caps coach Bruce Boudreau snapped.

Is that snapping? It's hard to tell, because the man's so soft-spoken and looks like the lovechild of Mickey Rooney and John Wayne Gacy. But by SBNation's count, he lets 15 f-bombs fly in a little more than a minute's speech.


Motivating professional athletes is a funny thing. What can you say to men whose jobs, whose lives have only ever been about being the best? How do you inspire folks who are going to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars, win or lose? Boudreau's rant is as emphatic as his message is unoriginal: work harder.

The Caps gave up two goals in the third period and were shut out.

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