Last Night's Winner: Look At This Goddamn New York Post Cover

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Just look at it. Have you ever seen anything so amazing in your life?

It's so, so bad that it comes right around to being awesome again. It's the kind of thing that a fan creates in their spare time with a modicum of photoshop knowledge, and gets some praise on Reddit for a few hours. But no. This isn't fan art. This is an actual page from a major metropolitan newspaper.

So many things to love. We're partial to Michelle Ryan as Slave Leia, and Namath as Yoda. It's only fitting that as the final game in a trilogy this season, figures like Cromartie and Ryan have ramped things up to an almost cartoony level, much like the Ewoks in ROTJ.

Meanwhile, the poor little Daily News only had this to offer for their special section.


In Boston, things are quiet except for the Metro free daily, which went with this unsubtle cover. C for originality, A for execution: