Last Night's Winner: Rule Breakers

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like underdog teams that aren't supposed to win on the road, but now have the advantage in the NHL Playoffs. F*@kin' do they work?

All four opening games were decided by a single goal last night, but even more impressive is that three of the four winners took Game 1 on the road. My, how the tables have turned! A No. 1 seed lost in the final minute, the long goodbye of Martin Brodeur continued, and even four pretty goals weren't enough for the defending champs. And the other winner was Phoenix! (That's its own special brand of unbelievable.) The opening night went against all logic and understanding of how a seven-game series is supposed to work. Plus, its just rude. But that's the kind of world we live in today. No respect for the tradition of laying down for your host.

Oh, and what about this fella pictured here? Well, he took the Coyotes "White Out" theme a little too far. White shirt, white face, white Russian. (Hold the Kahlua and cream.) Pretty sure pints aren't available at the concession stand in Phoenix, so either he is a grade-A rule breaker or he conjured his sippin' medicine out of thin....OMG, IT'S A MIRACLE. Like rainbows or magnets.


Stop this planet of the apes ... I'm gonna throw up in this cab on the way home.

[Thanks to Jason of Kurtenblog and Twitter people for the images.]