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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like those who watched the Fiesta Bowl's cornucopia of bizarre and occasionally disturbing images. And then flooded our inbox with every single one of them.

There were four indelible, snapshot-worthy moments from last night's TCU-Boise State matchup that captured America's fancy, before America captured them with crappy cell phone pictures and put them on the internet. Let's remember when:

One: Brandon Cook's stomach troubles.


It's tells you how remarkable the Fiesta Bowl's imagery was that a wide receiver throwing up on himself on national TV barely merits a mention. Thank goodness some people still know how to make animated GIFs.

Two: Boise State's rooting section

Got it? Let's move on.

Three: Jeron Johnson, Cummunication Major


You should all be ashamed of yourselves for laughing at this. The people of the Fox Network spent a lot of money at very prestigious schools to earn their TV dugrees.

Four: Cowbell Girl

Oh, boy. Where to begin? This unfortunate lass is either completely self-aware that she has the worst job in the Blue Thunder Marching Band or is blissfully ignorant of the power of television cameras to turn you into a national celebrity if you aren't careful. Is she bored? Regretful? Drunk? Amused by the turns her life has taken? Does she play any other instruments? Inquiring minds need to know.


UPDATE: According to Twitter, Cowbell Girl is blind. No one bothered to send that one in, of course. We all suck.


UPDATE 2: Oh, and her xylophone partner may be on crutches. Sheesh.

Only one thing is certain—expect to see approximately 847,362 Christopher Walken mashup videos by the end of the week. Explore the space.


[Thank you to everyone who sent these—and there were a lot—but the folks at 30fps are doing the Lord's work. So I just borrowed their stuff.]

Honorable mention: The BCS. I take back everything I ever said about your corrupt and shiftless organization. So what if we never find out what a 14-0 team could do against the SEC? The people of Tostitos must be very proud.


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