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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Meghan Vogel was courageously bringing up the rear of the 3,200-meters at the Ohio state championships when another runner collapsed ahead of her. Eschewing the riches and glory that would have come with finishing 14th out of 15 runner, Vogel halted to help McMath to her feet. The crowd came to its feet, as a Division III girls race that had already lasted 12 minutes was mercifully extended.

This is America. This is the sportsmanship that dwells in the breast of every man and woman. Vogel supported the struggling McMath for the final 20 meters, always "making sure to keep McMath ahead of her." That's right: given the opportunity to finish next-to-last, the valiant Vogel ceded that legacy to her fellow warrior.


Meet officials, stunned by the sheer selflessness on display, disregarded the rules that would under normal circumstances disqualify Vogel. Instead, they granted her the fitting and lasting honor of finishing last.

God. I'm so inspired, I could finish last in a hundred races.

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