J-Millz's Coliseum Championship Wrestling match against Guido Andretti ended last June when Andretti kicked him in the nuts. Now J-Millz, whose real name is John Miller, is suing Andretti, whose real name is Clinton Woosley. Miller says his testicle burst as a result of the blow and that he doesn't have the $20,000 he owes because it had to be removed surgically. Here's Miller's attorney, Larry Wilder, according to a statement released yesterday:

"Professional wrestling is like a choreographed dance or physical theatre. Wrestlers know who the winner is going to be before they enter the ring and it's their job to agree upon the 'dance' that will get the result. In this case ‘Guido' refused to accept the predetermined result and decided to deviate from the script and actually did something that is unacceptable in the industry, violently kicked John in his manhood."


So J-Millz wants this settled in court, eight months after the fact, with his lawyer arguing the sport itself is scripted. This either breaks the rules of kayfabe, or it's wrestling's most elaborate gag ever.

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