Cars with automatic brake sensors built into them are wonderful when used in cities and other places where they can keep unaware drivers from killing cyclists. However, a bike race’s lead car is perhaps the worst possible vehicle for the technology, and five cyclists were the unfortunate victims of a lead car at the Abu Dhabi that abruptly braked right into them in the neutral zone.


Former world champion and Tour de France all-timer Mark Cavendish went down hard, and teammates said he sustained a concussion when he smacked his head on a wheel. Cav’s team ruled out serious neck injury, though they also announced he was diagnosed with whiplash. The British sprinter was the only rider forced out of the race in the very dumb crash, and organizers apologized. “Unfortunately, these are things that happen, said race director Stefano Allocchio. “This evening, we’ll have a technician deactivate it on the all the cars because we don’t want to risk it happening again.”

Apparently it’s still the preseason for race organizers too.