LeBron James Held To 15 Points In Game 1 Loss, Still Finds A Way To Remind Us He's The GOAT

There aren’t many players in the world that can hijack a Game 1 blowout loss simply by flexing their steel trap of a memory. Then again, there aren’t many folks out there like LeBron James.


After Sunday’s 108-83 loss to the Boston Celtics, James was asked by a reporter what, exactly, happened during a 7-0 fourth-quarter run by Boston, one that put the game out of reach for the Cavaliers and quickly sent James to the bench for the evening. Here, James was faced with two options: He could give the reporter a typical filler response—“We got sloppy with our ball-handling, didn’t play great interior defense, blah blah blah”—or he could tell the press what, exactly, happened. James chose the latter:

James was held to 15 points on 17 shots by the Celtics and currently trails them 1-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals. I’ve never been more sure that he’s going for 40-14-12 in Game 2 en route to a five-game series win for the Cavs, and it’s all because of a damn press conference answer.