LeBron James Wants To Trademark "Taco Tuesday"

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When it’s the third day of the week
When it’s the third day of the week
Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

One of the more endearing qualities of LeBron James is his relentless pursuit of maximum corniness, especially when it’s around his family. This has been on display throughout the summer in the form of Instagram stories of his family celebrating Taco Tuesday—or, more accurately, TA-CO TUEEEEESDAYYY. For the uninitiated, here’s one such occasion featuring Anthony Davis as a special guest:

Unfortunately, the part of LeBron’s brain that’s dedicated to turning everything into a brand eventually kicked in and, with each passing week, the meals began to seem more like a marketing ploy to sell branded merch—like in the above video and in this one too—than to celebrate the wholesome nature of tacos. Those suspicions became official on Saturday when lawyer Josh Gerben discovered that LBJ Trademarks, LLC, which belongs to LeBron, filed a trademark for the phrase Taco Tuesday on Aug. 15.

Here’s a screenshot of the filing:

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Even more annoying than the fact that this was filed in the first place is how this appears to have been done to start a taco-adjacent podcast—because there are clearly not enough of those in the world. Hopefully LeBron’s reign of branding terror stops before he gets into other alliterative holidays and tries to trademark those as well.