LeBron's Mother Is Not Someone With Whom You Should Trifle

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Last night's Celtics-Cavaliers Game 4 tilt will be remembered for two things: First, LeBron James' ridiculous, "you know, I could do this all the time if I really wanted" driving dunk, and, mostly, James' mother yapping at the Celtics who were wrapping her poor boy, and James responding with a subtle, "Sit your ass DOWN." When we remember the last time Momma James made news, it becomes clear that's not the first time LeBron's had to put his mom in her place.

If you'll hark back with us to January 2006, we'll re-introduce you to an incident involving LeBron's mother, a DUI and a shocking amount of mace. Mama James was pulled over for erratic driving, and once "in custody," she wasn't exactly calm.

• She was "driving in an erratic manner, weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed."

• When they first tried to put handcuffs on her, she wrang herself free before she was sedated again.

• Once in the car, she kicked out the side window of the backseat.

• The police, exhausted with dealing with her, eventually sprayed her with mace.


So, you know, LeBron's probably getting a little used to dealing with his mom by now. To remind, by the way: LeBron James' mother is the same age as Bill Simmons, Roy Jones Jr., Sam Cassell and Jennifer Aniston.

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