Photo: Mitchell Leff (Getty Images)

The LeBron James sweepstakes are progressing at a terrifying pace. LeBron is zipping around the globe like Carmen Sandiego, raising and dashing hopes in various cities by the hour. It’s madness!

Today brought the news that LeBron—or maybe just LeBron’s people, but still!—would be meeting with the upstart 76ers, possibly in Los Angeles:


And the Sixers have a compelling pitch to make, one that goes beyond that they won 52 games last season and have a couple of budding superstars:

That’s impressive enough—we’ve endured organizational chaos, but we’ve got Brett Brown and Bob Covington—but now we’ve got an even more incredible update: on the same day that some of LeBron’s representatives met with a 76ers delegation, LeBron coincidentally made up his mind about his next destination.


LeBron will join the 76ers. Take it to the bank. It’s done.