Leonard Hamilton Treats Dana Jacobson Like Shit For Asking Totally Legitimate Question [UPDATE]

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Florida State allowed Michigan to walk away with tonight’s win, choosing not to foul despite being down only four points and multiple teams this month winning while facing similar game scenarios. CBS’s Dana Jacobson asked Seminoles head coach Leonard Hamilton after the game to explain his decision, and he reacted to her inquiry as if she were the dumbest person on the face of the earth.

She repeated her question, twice, and only received an actual response (though not an answer) once she retroactively sourced the question to “the guys,” thereby, apparently, lending it credibility? It’s a completely legitimate question to begin with, and Hamilton’s behavior in response to it is ludicrous and offensive to Jacobson—as well as viewers, and sane college basketball fans. It’s not even as if Hamilton himself hasn’t coached his team to a win in a similar scenario, so he can’t claim to somehow be above fouling in an attempt to climb back from a late deficit.


Update (Mar. 25, 4:31 p.m.):