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Let Me Show You My Pogs: Bad Boy Club

Bad Boy Club sounds like an aggro brand, but it was actually founded out of 1980s San Diego surf culture. The Bad Boy Club logo featured a flat-topped muscle man flexing his bicep with a spike-studded bracelet. You’d see it on bumper stickers, so that people knew that vehicle’s driver was a certified Bad Boy.

Bad Boy Club went away—Calvin peeing on the Ford logo or whatever has replaced it as a bumper sticker—though it was briefly resurrected a few years ago. (It appears to have died for a second time in late 2015.) But it lasted from the 1980s well into the mid-1990s, which of course means there was a line of Bad Boy Club pogs.


In the second installment of Let Me Show You My Pogs, I explore exactly what the eponymous Bad Boy does for a living, and play a coworker in a game of pogs.

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