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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Producer/Editor Jorge Corona, Senior Producer Kiran Chitanvis

One of my favorite villainous wrestlers when I was a kid was Rick “The Model” Martel. The gimmick was simple: Martel was a model, and he thought he was better than you.


But what really made it work was how much Martel was into it. He carried a perfume atomizer to the ring filled with his fragrance, Arrogance. When he was injured, he missed shows because he was “off modeling.” And, sometimes, he even wore a giant button that read “Yes, I Am A Model.” (I need to get one of those for my cat, who is very popular on Instagram.)

It was as simple as that. Martel was a model, and bragged about it, so everyone hated him. In this edition of Remembering Guys, I remember Rick Martel, Koko B. Ware, The Barbarian, Hacksaw Jim Duggan (maybe), the late Dino Bravo and—for reasons I cannot fathom—the jokes Pete Rose made at WrestleMania XIV. Enjoy!

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