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Let's Face It; Junior Seau Is Huggable, And Fans Are Only Human

So the guy who ran onto the field and tackled the Patriots' Junior Seau on Sunday? He's an Iraq war National Guard veteran, and his lawyer says it was all a big mistake.

The man, Todd Kobus of Attleboro, is a big Seau fan, and all he was trying to do was give the player a hug. That's according to Kobus' attorney, John Gaffney Jr. Coincidentally, the headline of the Sun Chronicle story, Was It A Tackle Or A Hug?, is what Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt kept repeating to himself as he watched the game film.

"It was an impulsive thing. He just stepped onto the field," Gaffney said. "I think he expected he would be removed from the game, but not arrested. He already feels bad about this because the owner of the tickets might lose them. On his own initiative, Kobus will write Seau, who is 6-feet, 3-inches tall and weighs 250 pounds, a letter of apology, "so hopefully, this will blow over quick," the attorney said.


We at Deadspin urge leniency; it's not like he threw a shoe. Besides, isn't being smacked in the puss by multiple snowballs punishment enough?

Photos: Matthew West, Boston Herald.

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