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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Let's Take A Minute To Remember That The 76ers Part-Owner Is Really Into Crazy Orgies

Illustration for article titled Lets Take A Minute To Remember That The 76ers Part-Owner Is Really Into Crazy Orgies

I mean, who isn't, but: when that video of Romney saying bad stuff to potential donors came out last week, the story birthed other, related stories. A few of those other stories were about Marc J. Leder, the guy who offered up his house for the infamous fundraiser.


A couple of interesting things came out about Leder, and perhaps not everyone has made the connection between two of them, one of which is relevant to our interests (Leder co-owns an NBA basketball team) and one of which is extremely relevant to our interests (Leder is way into freaky sex). By way of introducing Leder into the cabal of insane NBA owners—Hi, Donald Sterling! Step away from that shower, please. Try not to get run over by George Maloof—we thought we'd take a minute to connect those dots and bring the two stories together, so everyone can think about this while they watch the 76ers.

Take it away, New York Post article from 2011:

[S]pies say, the party ["day-and-night bacchanals at his beachfront estate"] was "tame" for Leder, whose wild end-of-summer bash was the talk of the Hamptons this year. At the Bridgehampton home that Leder rented for a whopping $500,000 a month, guests cavorted nude in a pool and performed sex acts, while scantily clad Russian women danced on platforms. Dancers at the party also twirled flaming torches to booming beats [...] Sources say Leder, said to be worth $400 million, has been on a partying jag since his wife of 22 years, Lisa, cheated on him with a 23-year-old tennis instructor in 2009. A rep for Leder didn't get back to us.


Booming beats! Scantily clad russian women! "Performed sex acts!" Even Russell Simmons said shit was out of control. Why is this guy not in charge of marketing the Sixers? "Russian women danced on platforms" doesn't sell tickets if it shows up in a game recap?

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