This video's called "Chinese vs Brawl Dutch (FIGHT)." Though it's difficult to understand what, exactly, is being said and disappointing how, exactly, they back away from the brink without resorting to violence, it's oddly mesmerizing to see Chinese get in the wrong Brawl Dutch's face.

That was not the only international incident in the "fights and or boobs" files today. Have you ever seen a grown Turk fighting at the UN? Well now, thanks to the Telegraph, you have.

A witness to the fight filmed UN security guards scuffling with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's bodyguards outside the UN General Assembly hall on Friday. Speaking on condition of anonymity, an official said that the fight occurred when UN security guards blocked the path of the Turkish Prime Minister as he tried to enter the chamber to hear Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' speech on Palestinian statehood.