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Lil Ronnie Will Crush You

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We've documented the goings-on of the great Indianapolis prepubesecent rapper Lil Ronnie in much detail here, and we think we've been awfully nice to the kid, considering he tried to rhyme "comparison" and "Marvin Harrison." But you, you commenters of Deadspin, you're the ones who are the haters. So says 'Lil Ronnie himself, in an interview with Indianapolis' InTake magazine:

Interviewer: Your Web site mentions that people have been "hating on" you since the song and video came out.

Lil Ronnie: Yeah, people on The people (who run the site) like it, but people on the site were hatin' on us.

Interviewer: How did you react?

Lil Ronnie: We just treat 'em like nothin'. We just smile.


Yeah, you punk bitches.

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