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When told he would need season ending surgery on his pinkie, Mesa State College offensive lineman Trevor Wikre made the most logical decision. He told them to cut off the finger.

Wikre told the doctor, “ ‘This is my senior year. If I want to go on, I’ve got to play great the rest of the way. These are my last few games, we’ve got to make this work.’ “He’s like, ‘We can’t.’ I said, ‘We can. Cut it off.’ I love football. When you face the fact you’ve played your last game, it hurts. If you love the game and you’re told that, you do whatever you have to do to play again. “This team means the world to me. I love everybody on the team like a brother. I told them all before the Western New Mexico game that I would have no problem taking a bullet for any of these guys. I love ’em that much. This is my bullet.”


Wow, buddy. You play for Mesa State. A couple games of glory or a lifetime without a pinkie? Doesn't sound like Sophie's choice to me. I mean, think of all the things you can't do now. Pinkie swearing? Out. Drinking tea like a proper gentleman? Out. The Shocker? Out. But even in the wake of losing his pinkie, the loss of his digit wasn't what angered him most. It was what he missed with his fiance. “I was pissed,” Wikre said. “Trace was going to make chicken and potato salad and we were going to watch Iron Man. I missed out on all of that.” Oh, the sacrifices. Here's a video of the story:

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