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Linus Omark's Flashy First NHL Goal Drew A "Youngblood" Comparison

Linus Omark played his first NHL game Friday. And in that first game, he not only took a penalty shot, but he pulled a spin-o-rama and scored the game-winning penalty shot.

Coming soon to the Edmonton ice (if hockey purists had their way): Linus Omark's teeth.

So Omark does a spin-o-rama move before he gets to the blue-line and, oh my gawd, he's insulted the game and everybody in it dating back to Howie Morenz who I suspect would have loved to have had such a moment for himself.

He scored!

They won!

Omark made everybody remember his first game forever.

The crowd went crazy. Everybody was entertained. And Don Cherry had a free gift to gab about on Coaches Corner.

If you're Tom Renney maybe you're tempted to say "Way to go, kid! Don't do it again." Fair enough.

On the other hand, so much about this is letting the young thoroughbreds run with the reins real loose and learn their lessons on the run. [Toronto Sun]


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