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Illustration for article titled Lionel Messi Pulls Off One Of The Worst Misses Of His Career, Presumably To Prove Hes Human

One downside to being the greatest player to ever kick a soccer ball has to be that people eventually take your greatness for granted. It’s all well and good to be referred to as a god or an alien, but conjure so many miracles over a long enough timespan, and the effect of your otherworldliness starts to wane.

In response to this phenomenon, one such god-alien hybrid might intentionally mess up a play or two in egregious fashion. The hope would be that a couple of memorable, ultimately inconsequential boners might dilute the aura just a smidge, to be later restored with another miracle when it really mattered and to receive the deserved adulation.


This, I would posit, is the only rational explanation for why Lionel Messi completely blew a point-blank chance in today’s Barcelona-Sparta Prague match in the Champions League:

It’s possible Messi miskicked the ball because he was tired and is still working himself into shape after recently missing a few games due to injury. But nah, it was totally on purpose.

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