Jim Gray delivered the Super Bowl sign-off for Westwood One Radio. It was already quite the piece of work, but adding the "Rudy" theme song really just brought it to another level.

Here is what Gray had to say:

So it ends where it began, back in Green Bay. A city which owns its team now owns the trophy of its namesake, Lombardi. The trophy, returns to where Lombarrdi, the man, set the standard. These Packers have now lived up to the lofty goals and achievements that he so forth set. Titletown once again has its title.

It's almost impossible to replace a legend; the landscape is littered with those of immense talent that couldn't fill the shoes of greatness that they had to follow. But with one fell swoop, albeit without as many touchdowns, starts, attempts, or completions, Aaron Rodgers, at 27 years of age, has equaled the only real record that matters, as both he and Brett Favre have one Super Bowl victory each.

It wasn't popular, as Mark just said, and the Packers pulled the trigger three years ago on Brett Favre. They went with Rodgers. They went with what we didn't know: just how good, Rodgers would be. Rodgers said during the week that he would like to be… in the model, and model his career after the legendary Bart Starr. A better model he couldn't have picked. From out of Butte College, a Northern California Community College in Oroville, California, to a champion in Green Bay, leads one to say and think, only, in America.


Football fans will now hold their collective breaths, as this amazing story and great season, now, won't give way to a labor stoppage. Football will eventually have a new collective bargaining agreement. It's our country's greatest game. Everyone has a chance and that's the beauty of this league. Let's hope that the players and the clubs resolve their differences, so the game that gave us the continuing success story of the Packers, from a city of 101,000, few people th- that were here, in this building tonight, can continue to delight and inspire us, that truly, anything, is possible.

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