Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

May 21st has passed without the Rapture, much to the chagrin of Harold Camping and his followers. But Camping is not just a one-trick Horseman: he talks about all kinds of non-apocalyptic stuff on his Family Radio station. Play the above clip to hear what he has to say about how sports interfere with the Lord's Day. Here are his thoughts on why real Christians can't also be NFL advertisers:

Now there's a game on Sunday, and that happens to be one of the best viewing days...Now for the true believer, that is the place where he ought not to be at all in his mind or in his eyesight or in his thinking or in his planning if he happens to be in the business of sponsoring sporting events — how can you do that and not sponsor anything on Sunday? You won't make it...The name of the game is that Sunday is the big day.


Clearly not a monster truck or drag racing fan. But the sound of his voice suggests a different passion: masturbating in cold weather.

Is it sinful to play sports? [Family Radio]

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