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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Livan Hernandez Showers Abuse On Rays Ballboy For Booting Grounder

There are a lot of obvious perks to being a ballboy for a big-league team: a snazzy uniform, the chance to occasionally field a ball, the close proximity to players. But yesterday, the gig turned out to be a bit of a bum deal for the poor kid stationed near the Braves' bullpen at Tropicana Field.

Right after he let a grounder get by him, the little slugger found himself on the receiving end of some playful abuse from the guys in the 'pen, with Livan Hernandez going so far as to toss sunflower seeds at him. All in good fun. Except when Hernandez tries to high-five the kid to let him know he's just joking around, the kid ain't having it.



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