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Live Blogging People Walking Through Hotels

The guy right here is Roger Goodell, who is very likely to become the next commissioner of the NFL, perhaps as early as today. In the past, discussions concerning the new commissioner were contentious; Paul Tagliabue himself was the product of an ugly power play that pushed out the late Jim Finks.

It is not expected to be nearly as contentious this year, if just because Al Davis died 15 years ago. (Seriously, can you believe how bad he looks? Right now Fidel Castro is, like, "ooh, papi, that man looks rough.") But in case anything weird or kooky happens today, the folks at Sports Business Journal — "By covering how people cover the inconsequential, we in fact become consequential ourselves" — is live-blogging the NFL meetings in Chicago. The first vote is at 4 p.m. ET, but we suspect they'll find plenty to write about in between now and then. "Hey, some guy in the lobby is smoking. This hotel is non-smoking, buddy!"


Decision 2006: Picking The Next Commissioner [Sports Business Journal]

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