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Live Blogging the Late Afternoon Games

It's been a bit crazy, what with Duke losing and posts reproducing themselves, but I'm ready to go for the late afternoon games. As you can see, Wisconsin and Kansas State are well underway. In fact, they've just gone into the half with a score of 39-33 in favor of the third-seeded Badgers. Beasley leads all scorers with 17, but the Wildcats are making Krabbenhoft and company look like a solid offensive team. Continue after the jump for live coverage of the second half, as well as Xavier/Purdue which is underway.

-I Live Blog downward, so deal with it.

-I was hoping that Xavier/Purdue would put on a good show, the jury is still out. Purdue leads 18-16, but neither team is shooting particularly well. Fortunately both teams are playing at a competitive pace.


-Wisconsin is on an 8-0 run and the Wildcats don't look particularly good on either side of the court this half. Wisconsin is up ten, meanwhile Xavier has taken a three point lead over Purdue when Josh Duncan hit from deep.

-Good news for Kansas State fans, a third foul has put Landry on the bench. Beasley needs to take over the game in a hurry. Wisconsin is up 16 with the ball.

-Drew Lavender is an amazing playmaker. And he has a delightful scent. Xavier is holding on to a 4 point lead with 6 minutes to play in the half.

-Purdue is coming right back at Xavier. Marcus Green just hit a ridiculous floater to reclaim the lead.


-The refs call a double technical on Butch and Walker which makes 3 personals for each. I say let the elbow go and punish Butch for the retaliation. Elbows rule.

-Another swing back in Xavier's favor. They managed to make the early comeback and now they're going toe-to-toe with Purdue's young legs. Xavier leads by 3, for now.


-Kansas State is trying to pull within single digits of a tough Wisconsin team. Beasley and Walker have combined for 31 and 14, but nobody else has more than a single basket. Hughes is leading the way for the Badgers who have a 13 point lead.

-Walker is smooth, especially around the rim. Unfortunately Beasley hasn't contributed a lot of offense in the first ten minutes of the half.


-Drew Lavender maintained that lead by banking in a 3 to end the half.

-Walker now has 16 points, but they're still down 11. Why can't Huggins coach everybody?


-This would be more fun if the server were moving a bit quicker.

-Stiemsma just picked up his teammate with an offensive rebound and a putback off of a missed free throw.


-Another trip to the line, this time it's Landry...and he misses both! They're still up 11 but they can't keep missing these.

-Walker is right on cue with a big rebound and basket, but Stiemsma came right back down the floor for the and-one. And did in fact make the much needed free throw.


-Some fabric just fell out of the rafters. And now Walker is down with a busted nose. ELBOWS ARE NOT COOL! And falling fabric is a bad omen.

-With Walker in the infirmary it might be about time for Beasley to start scoring again.


-Krabbs finally scored, and now Walker is coming back into the game.

-Kansas State can't get the ball to Beasley in a good spot and they can't keep their feet off of the baseline. Wisconsin ball.


-Oh fuck, number four on Walker and three free throws for the farmboy from Iowa. That double tech was bullshit.

-The Muskies and the BM's are back from the locker room and they're going right back at each other. C.J. Anderson just put Xavier up by six on a tough and-one. He has all 6 of his team's points this half.


-Meanwhile Wisconsin has gone up 19 on Kansas State and I've all but given up. 3:30 or so left to play.

-CBS has also given up on Kansas State, so now I don't have to watch one game on my computer..


-Xavier is holding on to a 48-43 lead with under 14 to play.

-Three minutes later and Brown provides a crushing alley oop off of an inbounds pass to further pad the Xavier lead. That lead is now up to double digits following Duncan's pair of free throws.


-It would be a good time for Purdue to go on a run, and that's just what Chris Kramer does, going end-to-end for 2.

-Burrell answers right back with a seemingly impossible layup.

-And Purdue is back! Hummell finally woke up and hit a big 3 to bring the BM's within a single point. Boiler up indeed.


-Purdue made their run and Xavier has answered with authority. They're determined to hold off Purdue. Muskies by 6 with 3:30 to play until the Sweet 16.

-In other news, Notre Dame and Wazzu are underway in scenic Denver. They're just five minutes in but Harandody already has four rebounds, though he's still scoreless. Wazzu leads 11-7 behind Low's six early points.


-I want to sue these Coke Zero assholes.

-More on the Wazzu/ND game in tonight's live blog coming up later this evening.

-Purdue just got a desperately needed 3 pointer to bring them within 5 with less than 50 seconds to play. It's free throws from here.


-After a delay to sort out the shot clock Purdue gets two key free throws. They're still down 5 with 44 seconds left, but they forced the Muskies to take a timeout before the inbounds pass.

-And Xavier throws it away! Purdue ball with nary a second ticking off of the clock.


-Kansas and UNLV have gotten started as well. I'll get to the evening live blog a little bit later on tonight.

-Purdue can't get a bucket and Xavier is going to the line with 35 seconds left. This shit is taking forever.


-Xavier hits only one of two and after a flurry of tips at the other end Purdue is headed to the line. Hummell hits one of two himself, but a lane violation will give him another shot to bring Purdue within 4 points. 28 seconds remain.

-Hummell takes advantage of his second chance, but Purdue takes a long time to foul Drew Lavender. Lavender, of course, hit both free throws. A steal by Burrell and a foul will put the Muskies right back to the line with a chance to seal the game.


-Another 1-for-2 trip to the line means there's still a faint chance. Purdue gets the quick two, but they're still down five with 10.5 to play. Timeout Xavier.

-Purdue stole the inbounds pass, but their attempted 3-pointer was blocked. Drew Lavender went flying in the process, and the lil' fella with 18 points and 9 assists will go to the line and wrap this up for good. Muskies are on to the Sweet 16.


-I'll be back later.


Image via ESPN

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