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Longhorn Girl Arielle Angelovich: A Lesson In Instant Internet Fame

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How does one go from anonymous math major to a sought-after interweb celebrity in the span of 40 minutes? All it takes is some fortuitous timing, a bit of fate, and a bright orange t-shirt.

Arielle Angelovich says she had never been to a live sporting event in her life before Monday night, when her father bought some extra tickets to a Texas home game and gave them to some friends who happen to be big Kansas Jayhawk fans. The family friend (who emailed us independently of Arielle, who later confirmed this story) says that Arielle's dad was planning to sit courtside as well, while his family took over his usual season passes. But at the last minute he gave the up the primo ticket to his daughter. She sat in the second row during the first half, but then the friend offered to switch places with her in the front row, forever sealing her immortality. If either gentleman had been a little more selfish about their hoops, the legend of Longhorn Girl might never have been born.


So what happens when you wake up one morning and find you're (mildly) internet famous? While surprised and possibly dismayed at first, Arielle seems to be taking it in stride. ("I'm a math major. I don't understand this stuff," she told Deadspin.) It's not her first brush with the media and, obviously, anyone who has tried modeling is going to expect a few stares now and then. Of course, no one goes to college basketball games looking to get famous. And getting noticed, even for your attractiveness (or especially?), is not all pleasant smiles and "howdy, ma'am"s. Says Areille:

"I already get snapped judged as it is and this would really not help matters out. I have already had to delete my facebook and twitter cause I had 400 randos add me. I will NEVER go to another sporting event again. I hope you understand."

[Ed note: "Randos" equals You. Sickos.]

It just goes to show you how thin the line has become between being a face in the crowd and being the face in every crowd. Even though I knew posting the original screen captures would get some eyeballs, I never expected them to get garner this much attention. If something as simple as trading seats with a friend can land you this level of notoriety, then there's hope for fameballs everywhere. Even if you're not looking for it.


And we honestly hope this doesn't turn Arielle off sports forever. Sports fans aren't all creeps and losers. Mostly. Plus, the Longhorns need all the help they get right now.


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