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We don't often get to write about important college football games here — that's usually MJD's job on the weekends — but we have a rare one tonight: A Thursday game between two undefeated teams that could very well decide who plays in the Fiesta Bowl for the BCS "Championship" on January 8. (January 8? Jesus, that's late.)

It's two of the three undefeated Big East teams — excluding Rutgers, whom we couldn't possibly be rooting for more — battling it out, Louisville hosting West Virginia. Right now, the Mountaineers are No. 3 in the BCS, and the Cardinals are No. 5. With Ohio State and Michigan at Nos. 1 and 2, this could essentially be a "championship" semifinal. Pretty cool for a Thursday night.


We doubt there are enough people watching this to make this an open discussion thread — though you're of course to make it so if you feel so inclined — but it's gonna be fun to watch. Like you wanted to see USC in the title game again anyway.

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