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Time for another edition of the quiz that we played here on Deadspin last Wednesday: “who had the best buzzer-beater tonight?” In order to reflect the nature of today’s choices, however, it will now be amended to “who had the coolest shot in the closing seconds of regulation last night?” (No, that is not quite as exciting a title for a quiz; sorry, last night’s basketball did not quite comply with the standards we all have for exciting quiz titles; yes, the quiz and the basketball are still extremely good.)

First: Robert Covington’s three-pointer to give the Sixers the victory over the Blazers.


That let the Sixers take their eighth win in their last ten games. Cool! But here’s our second option: Milwaukee’s Brock Stull with the buzzer-beater to take down Cleveland State.

Also cool! But not our winner. That title goes to sophomore Brett Tenaglia, of the junior varsity team at Connecticut’s New Fairfield High School, with the full-court shot to send it to overtime:


Sadly, Tenaglia and his JV pals lost by three points in double overtime to their counterparts at Bunnell High School. It doesn’t really matter, however, because that shot was cool as hell.

Thank you for playing.

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