Look! It's A Big Sheet Of NFL Lists!

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Ordinarily we make fun of ESPN overkill around these parts, but we won't lie to you: We have absolute no problem with the network's around-the-clock, BREAKING NEWS, live live live! coverage of the release of the complete NFL schedule. If you're not around a TV, it's really something to watch; they have a ticker running down the side, Mel Kiper-style, and live look-ins at offices of general managers around the league. They just had Joe Horn on, who espoused several variations on the "we're gonna just take each one one game at a time." It was awesome.

Anyway, the highlight games so far, from this perspective:

• Terrell Owens and Dallas hosting the Eagles on Christmas night. (T.O. gets to head to Philadelphia on October 8.) It is probably for the best that Owens is not in Philadelphia on Christmas; nobody likes to see decapitations on Jesus' birthday.
• As previously announced, the choking Manning brothers play each other in Week 1, September 10 at the Meadowlands, the first game on NBC. Unfortunately, Katie Couric will be gone by then; she might have brought an interesting perspective.
• The New Orleans Superdome will the September 25 game against Ron Mexico and Atlanta.
• For the first time since they moved to the desert, the Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals will host a game in Week 1, against the San Francisco 49ers at the brand spanking new stadium. This could actually lead to the first 1-0 start in recent Buzzsaw memory. We could look this up to see how long it has actually been, but, frankly, we've suffered enough. Even better ... the Buzzsaw are on Monday Night Football! First time that's happened since they ended Steve Young's career ... and still lost, of course.


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