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Look, Look, Gonzaga Drugs!

Today's public service journalism award goes to The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Wash., who have included, in their update on Gonzaga forward Josh Heytvelt's arrest for drug possession, a full on photo gallery of the controlled substances. That's right: The visual cornucopia that is psilocybin is there for you, in all its glory. Oh, and candy bars too! Those college students are out of control.

Actually, it's real trouble for Heytvelt: He's facing felony charges.

Heytvelt told WSP Trooper Gerard that his friend, who he believed the mushrooms belonged to, also grew the psychedelic mushrooms in his home. When Gerard asked Heytvelt if he had personally seen this, he admitted that he had," Office Bailey wrote in his report. However, the reports do not indicate whether Heytvelt ever identified the friend whom he alleged grew the mushrooms.


Heytvelt had just more than an ounce of mushrooms, but any amount at all constitutes a felony in Washington. Which, frankly, came as a surprise to us.

Heytvelt Charged With Felony [Spokesman-Review]

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