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It’s like kissing a peanut.
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The only thing that really matters about a catchphrase is that it gets said. The repetition is the meaning. Of course, by definition, We’re Back every time a new Deadcast arrives online. This is true if it’s Marchman and me and Lauren, or if it’s Marchman and Megan and Dom, or theoretically if it was just a solo episode of Lauren talking about what she imagines 1995 might have been like. Someone always says “we’re back” when we’re back, because we’re quite literally back but also because we always say it. But. Friends. We, by which I mean the version of the Deadcast that features The Pale King Drew Magary, is back. We’re back. WE’RE BACK:

Of course it’s good to get the big dog back, but we couldn’t spend an entire podcast talking about what it’s like to sustain a traumatic brain injury or what it’s like when your co-worker and buddy sustains a traumatic brain injury. This is, notionally, a sports podcast, and we are lucky enough that a bunch of sports stuff—more stuff than sports, but it all works—is happening right now. America’s Premier Sports Excellence Machine won another Super Bowl and no one was happy. The NBA trade deadline looms and various parties are already firing off weird-vibe deals and Instagram posts at a high rate of speed, although the trade that liberates Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans and the purgatory that both he and the organization have built for him there has yet to go down. And Major League Baseball, which is otherwise just sitting out its offseason on pure stupid principle and because of various broader failures, is considering a bunch of major-ish to major rule changes. That is, if we’re being honest, a lot of sports stuff!


And, because we’re fucking back, we talked about all those sports things. It took a decent amount of the podcast, all told, which meant a Funbag exploration was limited just to our Trump Question Of The Week, but we covered some ground. Was it perfect? We are never perfect. But we are inarguably back.

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