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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Look Who's Here, Everyone. It's Barry Bonds!

In today's episode of "Everybody Loves Barry," the semi-retired slugger pays a visit to his old home, gets a standing ovation, and explains that evil jerk side of his brain—that's just a character he plays!

Barry Bonds was welcomed back to AT&T Park with open arms last night as the Giants took on the Dodgers. He hung out in the clubhouse, chatted with Mays and McCovey, spent a few minutes in the press box, then was greeted with wild applause as he took his seats in the owner's box. Yes, he sat next to managing general partner Bill Neukom during the game. A preliminary testing of the water before offering the home run king a new contract? Don't hold your breath. (That Giants lineup is pretty tough to crack.)


It's a little strange to see baseball's persona non grata treated like a conquering general enjoying his well-earned retirement. Especially since Bonds isn't actually retired and would surely love to be playing again. But since no one will give him a contract, including the one organization that still shows him so much love, he'll just have to go on playing the lovable former player. I'm not that suits him.

As for the TV interview, here's a reacp: Bonds was only a jerk to sell tickets and Mike Krukow doesn't pay that much attention to baseball.

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