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Lord Brady Mingles With The Commoners

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The Patriots, being Bill Belichick's team through and through, have a strict dress code: hoodies or similar. Doesn't matter that they're being sent as the NFL's representatives to London for a game today. No need to look presentable.


Except for Tom Brady, who probably misses the 1960s, that golden age of air travel when men wore suits to fly, were allowed to smoke on planes, and received bee jays from stewardesses in first class.

By the way, if any UK residents stumble across this page whilst looking to find out just what's going on at Wembley, allow me to apologize on behalf of Americans for consistently sending you guys the shittiest game, year after year.

[Image courtesy of the Boston Globe]


It's Sunday. Football. Then baseball. Then we get on with our lives.

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