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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Los Angeles Will Most Likely Be Saddled With The 2024 Or 2028 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee on Tuesday voted untraditionally to award bids for both the 2024 and the 2028 Olympics, with one going to Paris and another going to Los Angeles. While the question of which city gets which event still has to be worked out between the two, the vote means that, barring a failure to agree, Los Angeles will host the Olympics in the next 11 years.


As we’ve pointed out before, an L.A. Olympics, like all Olympics, would be a bullshit scam that consistently screws over the host cities’ residents. Rio de Janeiro, the last victim of the Summer Olympics, declared a financial state of emergency right before the games started. In Rio, the aftermath of the Olympics brought debt and crumbling buildings.

While proponents of L.A.’s bid say the city won’t lose money because there’s a wealth of facilities and infrastructure already built, any money gained from the Olympics will go straight to the already wealthy, with the average Angeleno facing displacement, police abuse, and diverted money that could be used elsewhere.

Los Angeles elites and Mayor Eric Garcetti, however, want global PR and a giant party disguised as a celebration of athletics, and they know how willing the IOC is to give them the green light. Before the vote, Garcetti told reporters that the Olympics “cannot afford to lose the United States.” As it stands, however, few countries seem to be able to afford the Olympics.