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Low-Budget Pitbull Imitator Produces Nauseating "Do The Mark Sanchez" Video

There aren't too many lyrics here, other than "do the Mark Sanchez," and "heart of a champion," so it's hard to dispute their words with statistical evidence. (Of note: the call-and-response here is "Who's number one?" "We number one!" But "we" could really be the Jets or the performers.) Mark Sanchez isn't good, but they don't really claim that he is. Also, "the Mark Sanchez," a bent-arm point skyward that closely resembles the Soulja Boy, is not a move that Mark Sanchez ever performs on the field. If they wanted to more closely mimic Sanchez's physicality, they'd be better off imitating a check-down on third and long.

Darrelle Revis and Rex Ryan also get shouts in Adamaz's jam, because they're good, I suppose.


According to the artist, quoted in an ESPN article, he's "a barber who was born in Tampa, Fla." Yuh-huh.

"Do the Mark Sanchez" Official New York Jets Anthem [YouTube, h/t Andrew]

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