Luke Scott Kicked Off Korean Team For Reportedly Calling Coach "Coward"

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In case you were wondering what former MLB player/birther Luke Scott was up to these days, there is word from East Asia: He's getting kicked off his South Korea baseball team for yelling at the manager.


Scott was playing for the SK Wyverns until he was released today for reportedly being "disrespectful" toward coach Lee Man-soo. The outfielder had been placed on a reserve team due to plantar fasciitis, and he wasn't happy with the move. When Scott went to pick up some things from his locker Tuesday, he reportedly started shouting at Lee and called the manager a "coward" and "liar."

Shane Youman, an American-born pitcher for the Lotte Giants, was asked for his opinion, and while he didn't talk about Scott's incident, he did say that players should be able to express themselves.

Youman's quote, from the Korea Times:

"I'm all for players expressing their feelings towards certain situations if they believe they have a right to. Not just foreign players, but Korean players as well," he said.

"Baseball has such a long season. Players and coaches are around each other all the time. Things will not always go smoothly. There may be arguments, or mix-ups here and there. At the end of the day, we all know who has the authority, but we are all men, and should be treated and respected as men."

The report's "insiders" chalk things up to cultural differences, though no one's actually on record as saying that. But why would there be any cultural confusion here? Luke Scott speaks fluent dick, and dick is a universal language.

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Photo of Scott in Chewbacca mask: AP