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Lute Olson Finds It Hard To Say Goodbye

Still no official word from the University of Arizona on Lute Olson's alleged retirement as the head coach of the Wildcats. Perhaps that's because he decided to inform more important people first. The order of ranking goes something like this—insane color commentator, then the assistant coaches, then the families of the high school kids you are recruiting, your ex-wife, the mailman, the guy who runs the wax dispenser down at the car wash ... then if there's time, you tell your team and maybe your employers. It's important that you respect the process. Olson has not been seen or heard from today, but the fathers of two highly touted Arizona recruits told the Arizona Daily Star that assistant coaches confirmed the decision to them today. ESPN hasn't wavered from their story one bit and Jason Gershon of the Arizona site says he has confirmation as well, and that at least one of those recruits will be pulling his commitment for now. We assume the rest of the Arizona community will be informed during half-time of the home opener, when Kevin O'Neill will be called out to center court for a ceremonial pantsing by the Olson family. • LUTE OLSON RETIREMENT CONFIRMED (Updated) [Arizona Star Daily] • Go AZ Cats [Rivals] • Lute Olson’s Legacy [Rush The Court] Thanks to Storming the Floor for their help on this story.


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