It's safe to say that the last couple years of Lute Olson's life have been difficult. Health problems and a nasty public divorce led him to miss most of last season on the bench at Arizona and walk out on his team just before this one began. But it seems that the split from his wife, Christine, is even crazier—and scarier—than we thought. On October 23—the day Olson announced his retirement—Christine Olson showed up at the office of Dr. Steven Knope, Lute's physician and the man who would later reveal that the coach had a stroke within the last year. She had called the office three times that day asking to speak to Knope, but had been denied, and after waiting in the reception area for 20 minutes, she stormed into his empty office and left behind a little present. It was a paper outline of a human body used for target practice at a shooting range. Oh, and this one had 25 bullet holes in it. Needless to say, Knope has gone all "restraining order" on Christine Olson, who has claimed in the past that Knope "destroyed her marriage." How that might have gone down is anybody's guess, but we think that whatever problems may exist between these good people, they aren't going to be settled over a quiet cup of coffee. Or a fun day out at the gun range. "Lute's doctor gets restraining order against coach's ex-wife" [Arizona Daily Star]