Machete-Wielding Florida State Fan Threatens Florida Fans

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Florida State fans were very happy with their team's 37-7 drubbing of Florida over the weekend. But none of them were feeling as emotionally charged as 37-year-old Brant Brown, who according to police celebrated his team's victory by threatening a bar full of Florida fans with a machete.


According to a police report, Brown got involved in an argument between a man and a woman at the EndZone Bar and Grill—pause here to giggle at the fact that the EndZone Bar and Grill is in fact a real place—and invited the man in the argument to come outside and fight. Brown was restrained by a few Florida fans in the bar before going to the ultimate tough-guy move: he invited the entire bar to come outside and fight him. That's when things got crazy.

Via The Gainesville Sun:

Brown went outside, followed by the manager, who was calling 911 and giving police Brown's description. Brown got a machete from his truck then threatened and charged at the manager, who retreated.

The woman in the original altercation went into the lot and Brown then threatened her with the machete, the report said. Brown covered the tag on his truck and fled on Alligator Alley, police said.

Hey college football fans, please calm the hell down.

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