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Macklemore Has Beef With The Oklahoma City Thunder

Oh I'm sorry, do you not know who Macklemore is? Just try to remember the last time you saw an inordinate amount of white people dancing to a sax-heavy rap song while periodically popping their collars and/or brushing their shoulders off. That was a Macklemore song you were listening to.

Anyway, Macklemore is from Seattle, and he is not happy about the fact that his city's former team, The Oklahoma City Thunder, have been playing one of his songs in the arena:


I'm having a hard time figuring out who I should side with here. On the one hand, Macklemore is, you know...Macklemore. But on the other, it's nice to see him, unlike some rappers (*cough*Lil Wayne*cough*), actually take a stand on where his sports loyalties lay. Ah screw it, if Detlef Schrempf can get on Macklemore's side, then so can I.

[Extra Mustard]

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