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You know, all told, Ray Lewis never actually suffered from the Madden Curse: People always forget nothing happened to him that year.

Otherwise, yeah: That thar Madden Curse has struck again, breaking the foot of Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander. He's out "indefinitely," which is either Jim Edmonds indefinitely — in which case we'll see him, squinting as if in great pain, sometime around 2009 — or Carson Palmer indefinitely, which means he'll be back tomorrow.


We tend to treat curses with the same respect we treat astrology, or voodoo, or mathematics. We will keep screaming "coincidence!" as an army of black cats chases us under a ladder while carrying an open umbrella when it's not raining. Which is why we very much enjoyed this amusing post about Madden's former cover victims. Why, oh why, did they put the World Trade Center on Madden '01? Why didn't somebody stop them?

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