Madison Bumgarner Has No Idea Where His Truck Is

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Madison Bumgarner was given a Chevy truck with "um, you know technology and stuff" for winning the World Series MVP. Considering that Bumgarner once described his offseason as consisting of "Get up, feed animals, eat lunch, play catch with my cousin, feed animals, eat, go to bed," he seems like the kind of guy that appreciates a useful truck around the farm. But when he was asked on the Dan Patrick Show where the truck was, Bumgarner had to be honest: he had no clue.

Dan Patrick: Do you have the truck?

Madison Bumgarner: You know what? I was just talking about that actually. I don't have it right now. It's been so busy the last few days. I was just talking to my agent about tracking that thing down and seeing if we could get it sent to the house and have some fun with it. But as of right now I do not have it and don't really know where it's at.

If Bumgarner already has a different truck—which is a pretty good bet—he should think about giving this one to his dad. Pops was eyeing it immediately:

I showed up after the game. Kevin [Bumgarner] was near vibrating, having chewed bubble gum with a light beer chaser during the game. We talked baseball and pickup trucks. (Madison won a Chevrolet pickup as part of his M.V.P. award; his father said he already had so many, "I got hopes he might give that one to me.")


Photo via Doug Pensinger/Getty