Maine TV Anchor Reports Last Night's Heat-Celtics Game Four Ended In A Tie

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Portland, Maine, isn't exactly a small television market. With a Nielsen DMA rank of 78, it's solidly mid-sized, amongst the Toledos and Omahas of the TV landscape. Regardless, stations sometimes find themselves shorthanded on the weekends—which appears to have happened at Portland's ABC affiliate WMTW last night, as anchor Meghan Torjussen found herself in charge of the sports report on the 11 o'clock news.

Meghan's recap of the Eastern Conference Finals' Game Four was quick, concise, and inaccurate; the game went to overtime just as her report began, and she informed viewers it ended in a tie. We're going to point some of the blame at the show's producer, who is supposed to be responsible for everything that appears on-air. That producer's name? Donovan McNabb.

[The Awesome Boston]