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Major League Baseball, an organization with massive revenues and a squadron of high-priced lawyers, filed against the wrong person—just, flat out, the wrong guy—in its (specious) claim against Biogenesis, forcing the falsely accused Miami-area salesman to retain a lawyer for his defense. This mix-up occurred, according to sources that spoke to Outside The Lines, because the attorneys were looking for "a man with a similar name."


Major League Baseball released Paulo da Silveira from its lawsuit yesterday after admitting that he was neither a chemist, nor connected to the underground PED market. MLB's lawyers presumably identified the other five defendants correctly, though that doesn't necessarily mean they're more likely to be found liable for damages against the league.

"They realize he has no involvement whatsoever with Biogenesis or distributing performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes," said Emil Infante, who represents the 30-year-old da Silveira.


Infante took particular issue with the lawsuit having described da Silveira as a "little chemist." Asked if his client had a chemistry background, he said: "Hell no, man. Of course not. This kid works in sales. He has no background in science whatsoever."


Tough to figure how the big-wigs at Major League Baseball could have gotten such a crucial detail wrong, but if you live somewhere in the southeastern United States and your name is even close to "Paulo da Silveira," hire an attorney

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